Frequently Asked Questions
What is DART®?
DART® stands for document access and retrieval technology. It is a password-protected location on the internet that allows clients to view their observation photographs and other various reports anywhere they have access to the internet
How do I get DART®?
If you haven't already received your username and password and would like to sign up for DART®, simply fill out the form on the left. We will send you a password and username to access your projects. (You can also send an email to clee@ljpltd.com with the following information: Your Name, Company, Project Name)
How much does it cost?
DART® is a free service offered by La Jolla Pacific, Ltd. and is included in the Shark Repellent® Third Party Peer Review Services.
How does DART® help me?
DART® enables clients to view their observation photographs and monitor the progress of field documentation. With access to reports, photos, and other miscellaneous forms and documentation, clients have the ability to view, print, save, and send reports at their convenience.
We value your comments and suggestions, please feel free to send us your thoughts - we'd love to hear from you!

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